Wednesday, May 8, 2013

52 Weeks: Week Eighteen

Week 18's photos are late again and really bad on top of the lateness. I don't know what's going on but every picture I take lately turns out terribly. Maybe it's time to start reading photography blogs...

This week C.S. discovered the joy of dressing up. "Dess, dess!" Luckily some of the dress up clothes D has out grown are 2 piece outfits so she can just wear the tops and I don't have to worry about her tripping constantly.

I realized last weekend that Mother's Day was bearing down on us once again. Thanks to Pi.nter.est, I found some ideas for cards and gifts for the 2 grandmas and 2 great grandmas. After chasing down some supplies, much crafting ensued.

My lovely friend R and her family came to visit this weekend. We had a fabulous time hanging out in the back yard as evidenced by D and E here. (The garbage cans in the background are also more proof of my crappy photography skills.)

The visit also resulted in more happiness as we had a bbq for supper on Saturday and enjoyed the first hamburgers and beergueritas of the year. So yummy.

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