Thursday, January 10, 2013


My baby is one!

- C.S.'s newest (and best) skill is giving kisses. If I say "mmwwaahh" and make a kissy face, I get a big wet baby kiss! And then she laughs because she's so proud of herself. It is disgustingly cute.

- She will not attempt to walk on her own, but will now consent to use her walker. I think it's just because she likes to run into things and say "bbmm, bbmm." (her version of "boom, boom")

- She is starting to stand up for herself and defend her personal space when D gets too close. I don't want her to learn to be mean, but it's good for her to be able to decide when she wants to be hugged/mauled.

- She is learning what everyday objects are for. If she has a cup, she holds it like she is going to have a drink. If she finds a brush or comb, she puts it in her hair.  If she finds anything shaped remotely like a phone, it goes to her ear and she sometimes even says something that sounds like "Hi!"

- I don't think C.S. is talking yet, but it's coming soon. She can repeat some sounds we make and is very close on a few words, or I think she is.

We had presents and cupcakes tonight after supper. No big parties here. We didn't do one for D's first birthday either so S.C. is not getting short changed. Most of the local people who would have been invited to a party were just here on New Years Eve so we didn't need another party.

On to the pictures:

Oh, Mama, you're so funny!

 Are you sure you want me to sit up there?

 Ooh, presents, a doll and tub toys and puzzles!
(yes we let her open presents on top of the dining room table,
it's the only place outside the kitchen with good light after dark.)

Mmmm, cupcake.
 (no dairy, but plenty of sugar)

We are SO doing this every night!
(This is extreme joy, not anger)

As I was lighting her birthday candle tonight, I couldn't help but think about the candle we never got to light and the cupcake that was not smooshed between pudgy little fingers. Having C.S. here is good, even very good sometimes, but even in the best times, maybe especially in the best times, there is always the pain of what might have been.


Mary said...

A year old already?! Love the pics, she's adorable!

Merry said...

So funny. Bene is doing exactly all these things.

So lovely. What we wouldn't have given a year ago for a peek at this January.

Angela said...

One year already. I can't believe how far we've all come.

Dana said...

Wow, one year Lready! I remember waiting for her to be born last year, the last few anxious days. She is adorable.

cullensblessings said...

I can't believe she is ONE!!!!!! Happy birthday sweet girl! XXXX