Thursday, December 13, 2012


I meant to post yesterday just because of the cool date (12.12.12) but spent the evening crocheting instead. While I was crocheting, D.G. was watching Person of Interest on the PVR. I don't mind the show so I was half watching it with him. Guess where an unexpected babyloss storyline popped up. The plot was about a couple who each wanted sole possession of their jointly owned company so they (unknown to each other) each decided to have the other one knocked off. When they were forced to confront each other, it was revealed that the rift in their marriage went back to the baby they lost years before. So instead of the usual babyloss = crazy baby snatching woman, they went with babyloss leads to becoming super successful workaholics with homicidal tendencies.  D.G. made me promise not to take out a contract on him in the future.  Don't know where I'd get the money for a professional hitman as a SAHM so he's probably safe.

Anyone else have any surprise babyloss references pop up lately?

And guess who made it through the night without nursing last night? She woke up and made a couple noises but went back to sleep right away both times. I'm sure it won't happen again for a while so don't start hating me yet.

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Beth said...

Funnily enough yes. I have a book I've had for years called My Year of Meat. There's a loss around 20 weeks in that. I haven't touched it in years but the other day thought i'd read it. Then thought 'I seem to remember.....' Strange to think how little it would have affected me back then :(

I wish J would sleep through even one night :/