Monday, December 10, 2012

11 Months Old

Last monthly milestone before C.S. turns 1. Yikes.

- Tooth #8 is all the way in and more are on their way. Poor kid is constantly shoving her fingers in her mouth because the "chew toys" can't make it past her front teeth.
- We are in the "I will not lay here and allow you to change my diaper under any circumstances" phase. The second she is not pinned down, she is on her belly and the next second she is sitting. This is REALLY not pretty when there is a poopy diaper. I have resorted to allowing her to play with the cordless phone in order to change her diaper without any screaming and/or poop smearing.
- She still demands that we spend as much time as possible walking with her. If I force her to sit down so I can do something silly, like take supper out of the oven before it burns, she lets me know she disapproves by screaming. She has no intention of trying to walk by herself anytime soon.
- She lets everyone know when she is displeased by screaming. How do I stop the screaming?
- She finally likes books! However she doesn't give a hoot about what any book is about, she just loves turning pages. And a book with pages and flaps is even better.

On to the pictures...

I am 11 months old....

...and I know how stinkin' cute I am...

 ...and chewing my fingers is the only 
thing that helps with the teething pain...

...and I have a giant head? 
What are you doing down there Mama?


Angela said...

She's adorable! I can't believe it's nearly been a year. Bennett does this crazy leg throw down thing when I try to change his diaper. Would they rather hang out in a dirty diaper all day?

Merry said...

Oh, yes with the nappy thing. With added screaming. Argh!