Monday, October 1, 2012

Walk To Remember 2012

We walked to remember in September this year. (The first Saturday of October falls on Thanksgiving weekend here and I can see why the organizers decided to avoid that conflict.) It was a crazy day for us because we had a swimming lessons, a birthday party and the Walk to attend. Despite my worries on the drive to there, (I felt like such a horrible mom to Reid for being late to one of the few public things we can do for him)  we made it there on time to register and still had time to  donate 2 teddy bears and have some cupcakes before we did the actual walking part. There were no helium balloons this year but I actually really liked the bubbles they handed out instead. They were much easier to carry around before the release and they were great for the brothers and sisters to play with during the whole name reading/release ceremony. It was really pretty sitting in the grass in the sunshine with little bubbles drifting all around us. And this way I could blow bubbles for all the babies whose mama's I know not just for Reid. (I was looking for and found Gavin, Noah and Kaelen's names while we were walking.)

The girls still fit into the "Thing 1" and "Thing 3" shirts I got for Reid's 2nd birthday and it was warm enough that they didn't have to wear jackets over then either. You would think that at an event like this, I wouldn't need to explain that Reid is Thing 2, but it still happened.

The only thing that didn't turn out was the rest of the photos of the afternoon (I am trying very hard not to be mad at D.G. for that.) but at least I got these ones. I hope that everyone gets such lovely weather for their October remembrance events where ever they are.

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Melissa said...

We were there as well but didn't see you. We did see Reid's name as well!