Thursday, October 11, 2012

9 Months

Yes, C.S. is officially 9 months old now.

- She is the proud owner of 6 teeth. All 4 top ones came in the first 2 weeks after hitting 8 months. I could wish she was done for a while, but the red cheeks and finger chewing say otherwise.

- She is a speedy little monkey. Set her down on her belly and she is off to the races. Some times I think she is pushing up to try to learn proper crawling but not yet. I think it might be a different story if we had carpet in stead of hardwood for her to slide on.

- I think she is prepping for another growth spurt as some rolls that had disappeared are back and she was up all night two nights ago nursing.

- C.S.'s favourite activity (besides all forms of eating) is standing. Either while holding my hands or on her own next to the ottoman or a chair or the side of the bathtub. She just loves standing and bouncing.

- She is working on waving, refuses to even try clapping and likes to yell "Da, da, da" at the stop of her lungs.

On to the cute baby pictures....

How old did you people say I am now?

 Never mind, I'll check for myself.

You know if you want big smiles, instead of making fools of yourselves, you should take pictures of me in the morning, not 10 minutes before bath time.

I'm pretty sure I could get down from here if the big people were distracted for long enough.

 (And yes she wore a sleeper all day today. It was a clean one, not the one she slept in. When it snows on October 10th, you need to dress in something warm where the little feet can't get bare and cold.)


Womb Raider said...

she is adorable! question for you, does every outfit that consists of a zipper and feeties equal pjs? i had lou in what i thought was a legit 'outfit' but a lady said 'what cute pajamas!' i was all HEY, .... they aren't......are they?

Catherine W said...

She is SO sweet. R often wore sleepers all day! I got stopped by an equal number of people saying, "how nice to see a baby in proper baby clothers" and people saying, "oh didn't have time to get him changed this morning!"

Sleepers are so cosy. Reuben wore little else his first winter.