Saturday, October 6, 2012

11 years

It's our wedding anniversary today! Not a lot of celebrating going on with me running a fever, unable to have wine because of the antibiotics and complaining about the aches and pains. (and having an infected breast is enough to turn off even my poor deprived hubby.) We had hoped to at least go out for dessert and a drink but that will have to wait.

He and D did bring me flowers today so there was some normal anniversary activity. D.G. decided to buy flowers and D decreed that they must have a flower like "mommy's tattoo".

It's also Thanksgiving weekend here. I am thankful to have C.S. here, thankful that D knows that I love red gerbera daisies and thankful that we have made it to 11 years. (And hopefully soon I will get to be thankful for AB's and for being healthy too.)

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