Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My ears are ringing

C.S. has learned how to scream and she's not afraid to use her new skill. And by scream I mean horrible high pitched screams that make you think someone has been severely injured. My ears are ringing from the screaming. She's screams if she's hungry, she screams during diaper changes, she screams if you prevent her from eating the electrical cord/dirty shoe/crayon that looks so tasty. (She has mastered sliding backwards on her belly which allows her to find all these tasty treats.) Her first response to anything she doesn't like right now is to scream.

Of course in public, she is all smiles and cuteness. She is the baby that everyone makes faces at to get her to smile at the. Old ladies come up to me in McDonald's and tell me how beautiful she is. I love her so much. I just want her brother to be here too.


Jessica said...

wow at 3 months Logan already found that scream LOL - he is also all happy in pubic...which is good <3 I wish Reid was with you too (((hugs)))

Merry said...

Oh Cara,

Me too. I'm hurting all over again just now.


Catherine W said...

Oh I know, that strange mixture of love and yearning. Overlaid with very loud screaming. Amazing and exasperating.