Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Half over and a Giveaway

Only a day and a half left and there are 2 nights in that day and a half. I may get through this with some sanity intact.

Yesterday I cleaned C.S.'s room and today D.G. and I ran errands. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you are hiding out or running away. It's also amazing how much I love my new phone and the ability to blog and/or play Scra.bble while hiding out.

Speaking of accomplishing things I have been meaning to have a small give away. I have a small pile of OPKs and HPTs that I won't be needing. Does anyone out there want them? They don't expire until 2014 so even if you aren't planning to ttc for a while they will still work. Leave me a comment if you want me to send them your way.


KC said...

Hi, if no one else has asked for your tests, I'd be very happy to have them. I'm a regular reader, but not a regular commenter. You might remember me from the July 2007 birth club in Canadian Parents, I have a little girl Rianna the same age as yours. My name was Myheartsfocus.
My email is thekrispycaustic (at)

Glo said...

I'd take them but obviously KC was first :). Hope you survive the rest of in-law yuckiness!