Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Catching up

The MIL left right on schedule on Friday morning and because Cleo had a rough night and ended up in bed with me, I was able to sleep through her entire departure. D.G. and I had some less than pleasant discussions about the visit (I admit I hid out in our room or C.S.'s whenever she needed to nurse/nap and for once was completely happy about how frequently she wants to nurse.) but we are both tired of being stressed about a someone who is only in our lives due to obligation so we will ignore the subject for a good long while.

It was a lovely weekend here. Spring finally made an appearance and we spent as much time as possible outside. We brought out D's playhouse and the 3-seater swing from under their winter tarps. I was able to sit on the swing and nurse C.S. and think about how assembling that swing was the last thing we did before I went into labour with Reid and not completely fall apart. C.S. has now eaten outside numerous times and had a couple of outdoor naps too. She really dislikes wearing a sun hat which we will have to work on so I don't have to spend the whole summer carrying an umbrella.

On Saturday morning, C.S. and I helped set a world record. She was one of 6,550 babies changed into a cloth diaper at the same time all around the world. There were 97 babies changed at The Mall here in Edmonton and it was a lovely crunchy-granola mommy fest with cloth diapers and babywearing and breastfeeding all over the place. I wish we had events like this to go to every week.

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Jessica said...

"crunchy-granola mommy fest" :) I love that! Glad that the weekend was good. As for MILs UGH! My MIL is awful and treats me like crap and there is NO way she will be at the hospital when Logan is born. My poor hubby has to be the one to tell her that I don't want her there but she refuses to apologize to me for how she has treated me and she has had months to do it.... so screw it I don't care and don't feel bad at all. Logan doesn't need a nasty grandma. (((hugs))) glad you survived the visit - I might have to move out if my MIL ever stayed with us LOL!