Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Sorry for the long absence. I was operating an intellectual level just above "zombie" when C.S. was having good nights then the f-ing time change happened and C.S. has had 2 really retched nights in a row and now I just want to stumble around moaning "brains, brains" (as in I wish I had some).

Before that I was using what little free time C.S. allowed me to do things with diapers. First I sewed three new diapers for D's baby doll Bella. Then I attempted to strip C.S.'s diapers. (Still working on that as I didn't get all the smell out.) Then I tried selling some diapers we have outgrown. (Half done that, anyone want some size S covers?). Then I went shopping for some more pocket diapers for C.S.'s butt during the night. And in between there is the regular washing of C.S.'s diapers. I love cloth diapering my babies, but I will be happy when I can just do the regular changing and washing.

I feel bad about not blogging and commenting, but can't seem to string together coherent sentences most of the time. And I know that I am better off doing things for my kids who are here while thinking of the one who is not, instead of writing about one who is not (and all yours as well) and thinking about how I should be doing things for the kids who are here. A year and a half ago, I would have definitely chosen the second option so I guess I have made progress.

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Jessica said...

(((hugs))) hope C.S. starts sleeping normal again! As for not blogging I'm sure everyone understands - I know once Logan is born I am going to SUCK at blogging LOL ;)