Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today C.S. is 4 weeks old and we celebrated by having a newborn photo shoot with my friend E. We did one with D and still have some of the pictures from it up. We also had plans to to do one for Reid which made getting ready for the photo shoot pretty emotional for me. I know we will treasure C.S.'s pictures forever, but there will always be a set of baby pictures missing from the walls of our house.


Lisa said...

I totally understand. I have my two living kids' pictures as newborns on the wall. They are both sleeping and there are pictures of their hands and feet too. I should have a similar one of adelyn, but the hospital didn't offer me now I lay me down to sleep or take pictures of her feet and hands. I will forever be angry about that, because I can never get that back. So I have her footprints and handprints framed in between their pictures.

Elainna said...

I some how missed how simular our paths are. Okay, so I know how I missed it, I've been preoccupied for the last oh 11 months or so. I have an older daughter, she just turned 4. On January 21, 2010 my second daughter, Payton died at 36weeks due to a cord accident. It has been difficult coping with my grief while helping my oldest daughter with her grief and trying to give her a "normal" childhood. It's been like walking a on a tightrope fearing at any minute I'm going to fall crushing both of us. Then in December 2011 my son was born. Having him here has made me re-realize and relive all I never had or ever will have with Payton, like newborn pictures. {{Hugs}} to you.
Oh and congratulations on C.S. safe arrival.