Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reid Inspired Craftiness

Lots of pictures today. First here are some pics of the ornament I received from Akemi for the Remembering Together Holiday Swap. It's beautiful (and I don't care that it was late, I'm just happy it finally arrived) and I'm glad that I didn't totally screw up Jenni's wonderful swap so badly that I didn't receive an ornament.  Please excuse the pictures without a Christmas tree as ours came down last week. (when it looked like Thing 3 would arrive on the 4th.)

With Thing 3's arrival getting closer and closer, the urge to do (or at least plan) some crafts and projects for them has arrived too. I do plan to post some pictures of the blanket, hat and booties I made while in bedrest although I'm not sure where to post them. (I do know I will wait until after the arrival because they are pretty gender specific and I am enjoying torturing some friends with the suspense). We have also bought the supplies to make wall hangings of both D and Thing 3's names for their rooms. (D is getting a set as a way to help her feel included in all the baby hoopla.) This of course made me want to do Reid's name in some way too. 9" tall letters spelling out his name in the baby room seemed like a bit too much but then I came across an idea while researching how to do the other 2 names.

I love how they turned out. D helped me paint the red background and the the blue argyle pattern is very close to the argyle pattern fabric that I used for his baby blanket. One side is uppercase letters and the opposite side is lower case letters:

This is where the blocks are going to stay for now, on a shelf in the "baby room" where I can see then while while I sit and rock Thing 3. I think they will be a perfect but subtle reminder of Thing 3's big brother.

And now I'm off to have a good cry because while making this made me happy, writing about it has made me really sad.


Lisa said...

LOVE the blocks! That IS so perfect. It always makes me feel better when I think of something like that, that feels so right and comes out just like I wanted.

Reading your blogs lately reminds me so much of myself last September/October. It is SO hard, but for me it got a LOT better after my rainbow was born.

Love that you are keeping the gender thing to yourself. We did the same thing, but didn't tell anyone we knew. Still didn't actually. I had a very hard time with the whole gender thing myself.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful.. and the love you put into the blocks clearly shows. What a precious idea.
Did you buy the blocks bare and freehand the argyle? You are good mamma...

car said...

Thanks ladies. The argyle paper was a lucky find at the craft store, not that talented, just good with scissors.