Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Belated Anniversary to me

Well me and D.G. of course. Thursday was our 10th wedding anniversary. Does that make us an old married couple now? We weren't planning anything big and it's a good thing because I came down with a cold last weekend and I can't shake it so we just hung out and watched TV together for a couple hours after a yummy supper with D. (It all came out of the freezer, but it was still yummy.). He did get me some lovely flowers and we will go out without D once I feel human again, but the celebration will stay low key.  We already have our anniversary present, which is one of the things I have been using as an excuse to avoid the blogging world in the last month. (will post more on that later.)

If I needed proof that nobody bothers to remember anything themselves and instead depends on FB to remind them of birthdays and anniversaries, this was it. The only "happy anniversary"s we got came from my parents and his mom (nope, still not speaking to her) and my friend E whose anniversary happens to be the day before ours. Nothing from our siblings, wedding attendants or friends who attended the wedding because we didn't post anything on FB. This of course left me feeling losery on top of the sick, but only mildly. Hey, I already wrote most of them off anyways. (G, you are completely excused what with the explosion and all that day. No really there was a workplace explosion on the day of my anniversary.)


B said...

Congrats on ten years! Such an achievement.

Hope you feel better now x

Missy said...

Happy 10th anniversary my friend!