Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Real Progress

I did something on Sunday that I haven't done since well before Reid died. (Unless you count buying rubber boots at W*lm*rt, and as a recovering shoe addict I don't.) I bought a new pair of shoes. I knew they were meant to be mine when I found out they only had the display left and they were size 10's. (Please ignore my ugly, un-pedicured feet).

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I also was hunting for a necklace to wear with the dress I bought for my cousin's wedding in August but that was totally frustrating and unproductive. (The shoe shopping was also frustrating but at least I found something in the end.) I spent a few pleasant hours on Et.sy over the last 2 days and was rewarded with finding this necklace although I could have bought at least a dozen that didn't go with the dress. Internet shopping is so much more pleasant than real-life shopping. No getting dressed, no internal comparisons with other shoppers that leave your self-esteem at microscopic levels, no dealing with sales people and no unexpected baby sitings.


missliany said...

Cute shoes...and by the way...people with size 10 feet rock!

Kristin said...


Missy said...

I so wish I could fit a 10. Even cute shoes look ugly in an 11/12.