Friday, June 10, 2011

What I've been doing

Work continues on Reid's garden. The new trees are planted and most of the old weeds/plants are gone. I have to replant some plants I tried to save and figure out what else I am adding for plants. I also need to need to do some shopping for garden "accessories" but that should probably wait until fall when things go on sale and D.G. has forgotten how much all the trees cost. I promise I will try to take some pictures this week.


I've moved on from books solely about grief, to memoirs about getting through shitty times. I read both of Michael J. Fox's books about his life since his Parkinson's diagnosis. (Both good books, especially to a Canadian who loved Family Ties, but I am petty enough that I envy him his family of 4 kids. I know I'm a mess.)

I finished a really interesting book this week, Lonely. It's based on the author's own experiences with loneliness. I know about the nicest thing my own behaviour in the last 9 months could be called is anti-social, so I thought that any loneliness I felt was mostly self-inflicted. There were a lot of interesting points about the way the depression and loneliness can coincide, but that they are separate ailments that need different treatments to over come. Clearly I can't say the the entire book reflected my experience as the author's life is very different from mine, but I definitely had a lot of moments where I recognized myself in the story.


As for what else I've been up to, really not a lot. I think I found a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding. I made a frame for my dad for Father's Day and have plans to help D make on for D.G. and to help D.G. make one for his dad. D only has one more week of preschool left and then somehow I have to figure out how to get her some social interaction that doesn't feel like torture to me. And cooking has been feeling like torture to me because I can't figure out what to cook for "summer" meals and it's too soon to let whatever is ready to eat from the garden/farmer's market decide what we should eat.

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