Tuesday, June 7, 2011

They're everywhere

I have one of these. The stroller is in the rafters of the garage because we got tired of tripping over it and there's no one here who needs a stroller. The car seat is in the closet in the "baby room". Clearly I have no use for it, but why the hell is it suddenly everywhere? The grocery store, the library, and the park. There are 2 at D's dance class. We bought the damn thing over 4 years ago so why are there more around now than when we were happily using it?

Is anyone else surrounded by other people using the same things you had for your baby?


Mary said...

Unfortunately yes. Especially our stroller. We actualy bought the same one my sister in law has so we could share the extra seat bases. Well, now she has baby #2 and we're still empty handed. Hugs to you momma.

Dana said...

That just sucks. I haven't seen people with the same items, but just seeing them pushing a stroller, just as I should be, hurts.

Shaina Gadow said...

I just read your story (I found your blog on Faces of Loss, as I have just joined the team). I am so incredibly sorry for the loss of your sweet boy read. We have very similar stories, except I didn't get the c-section. My son died 5 minutes before he was born into this world. It is just devastating and makes no sense.

To answer your questions, I don't notice people using the stuff I bought for Silas, I just notice babies in general. They are everywhere right now. It seems more than ever before, but I am sure that is just because I am consumed with the fact that my baby isn't here, so I envy all those that I see.