Monday, May 2, 2011

Back again

I'm back. I didn't spend the whole weekend pouting and nothing is any worse than it was 5 days ago, but for some reason I just didn't want to be here. I didn't even read the posts in my reader which is something that hasn't happened in the last year unless I didn't have access to a computer. I can't say why I didn't want to read or write and it's not like I was too busy doing other stuff either. (major procrastination on the Mother's Day front)

On to the important stuff. The winner of the Mother's Day giveaway is .... Dana. She has been a wonderful supporter for me and I am happy to be able to do something for her on her first Mother's Day after the loss of her baby boy, Jacob.

Thank you for all the compliments and for making me feeling better about my crafting projects (and myself).


Today was the first day this year when the temperature outside got above the temperature inside the house. Today was also Federal Elec.tion Day here in Canada so I took D and we walked to the polling station and then on to the park. Of course, at the park was a mom with a little girl and a baby boy. D and the little girl started playing together immediately. I'm sure the mom thought I was some kind of stick up bitch or complete weirdo since I could barely look at her and the baby boy. Thank goodness for giant Jackie O style sunglasses.

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