Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Craft = Crutch = Giveaway

I signed up for the Mother's Day Bouquet swap, organized by the lovely Jenni. And just like the Christmas swap, when I couldn't stop with just one ornament, I am addicted again. (I think I made 7 ornaments and I bought paper to make many more in 2011.) I've already made 2 of these and started 2 more and I think there will be a few more yet.

The bouquet swap has a flower theme, but I don't trust Canada Post to not destroy a delicate parcel so I need a durable kind of project. Also my artistic skills are limited to cutting and gluing paper (as shown by the ornaments), picking colours and arranging things (honed by years of home decorating) so that further limited my options. After searching craft blogs (I wish my "me time" revolved around crafts and not grieving, there are so many cool crafts out there), I came up with a plan and here is what I sent out for the swap:

The frogs are a special reminder for the mom it went to, I hope she loves it. I liked doing it, so I did another one:

I think it will go to my grandmother, she loves teal blue and it will take care of her Mother's Day gift without me going shopping. I'm going to do a yellow one next and then another green one and I'd like to try a different blue too.

But what does this have to do with all of you? Well, in honour of Mother's Day and my 1st blogoversary (which was Sunday), I want to make one of these frames for (at least) one of my wonderful readers. I would make one for all of you, but the shipping would bankrupt me as I have no personal income right now. (D.G. graciously funds all my crafting projects.) All you need to do to win this giveaway is leave me a comment (singing the praises of my floral creations, of course) and let me know what colour you would like your frame to be (green, teal, blue or yellow). If you are in the UK, I know Mother's Day was a month ago, so it will just be really early for next year. If you are in Australia, it's just gonna be late for this year. (Heck it might be late for a North American reader, but I'll do my best.) The cut off for giveaway is Friday at midnight so that should give all my readers a chance to comment.

And just because I want to continue bragging up my (limited) crafting skills, here is a picture of the yoga bag I sewed last weekend. I love the fabric. (For any babywearers out there, yes, I love it because it reminds me of a Didy Ellipsen.)


Merry said...

You have a talent Mrs :)

Of course I want to win one, a blue one. I shall cross everything but my knees ;)

And oh my, the captcha is "inglow" - oh yes we are... in Glow. :$

Emily said...

Awesome job. Glad to hear you're enjoying creating. I'd love a teal one to go with the nothing in my house that is teal! It would stand out.

Anonymous said...

You did amazing.. and have reminded me that I really need to get moving with my swap item!!!!

Missy said...

I haven't started my project either, maybe I'll use another sick day this week ;)

Dana said...

You are so talented! These are so cute.

If i win, I'd like it to be teal or blue.

Kristin said...

These are great! Sorry I'm so late entering! I'd love a teal one :)

Jeanette said...

LOL, I totally thought didy when I saw the yoga bag!
Would love to win a frame, they are really pretty.
I'd love one in teal or green.x

Ava's mummy said...

Oh wow. Would so love a yellow one as that would go in Ava's twin sister's room. It is even more apt as Ava means bird.

Lara + Chris said...

Those are adorable!! I am entered!! I don't know what colors yet if I were to win...I'll need to think about it. :)