Thursday, March 31, 2011

Apples in the deep freeze

Apparently I need to be supervised right now. I have been trying to keep myself busy since getting the news on Tuesday because the breakdowns that happen when I let myself slowdown are not pretty. (Think sobbing uncontrollably on the nearest available horizontal surface.) I have done a whole lot of laundry and cleaning that I had expected would just pile up for a while. I even baked a huge batch of muffins and washed the dishes this morning. Then I went to put some of them in the freezer and discovered the 6 lb bag of apples I bought at Cos.tco Monday night. I tried smashing one of them on the patio outside (could frozen apples be a stand in for cheap dinnerware?) but it only cracked in half so it wasn't very satisfying. I put the apples in the freezer before I even found out that there was no new baby so what kind of things could I have mixed up since then? At the very least I expect D to find a stack of D.G's underwear in her t-shirt drawer. Hopefully nothing more valuable than a $6 bag of apples gets ruined.

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Missy said...

well that apple was quite the disappointment. I might have tried to smash it some more with say a baseball bat or something, just for mocking me. Thinking of you and sending you strength~