Saturday, December 25, 2010

My gifts

I decided I didn't want to get any presents this Christmas. I didn't want to have crap sitting around the house that I could look at and think "I got that for what should have been Reid's first Christmas." I still got a few gift cards from D.G's family which isn't as bad and my family decided to not buy adult presents this year and each made a donation to a charity instead. (And helping feed people does feel better than getting a sweater or slippers right now.)

But a few wonderful people knew what kind of gifts I truly needed. These are the gifts that I didn't ask for but are completely wonderful because they were given in honor of Reid.

A hand-painted glass ornament from C, one of the leaders of my support group.

The flower arrangement from my aunt who we spent Christmas Eve with.

My ornament from the ornament swap, made with love by Rochelle and sent all the way from Arkansas.
(It arrived on the 23rd, just in time to be hung on the tree.)

A crochet angel made by Lareina and hand delivered to our door.

The absolutely beautiful and totally unexpected flowers from G and her family.
(You are so amazing and I am so glad to have you in my life.)
Clearly, she reads my blog and knew that I would love flowers to match my tattoo.

And finally the ornament I made for Reid.

The last one wasn't a gift for me, but the time spent making this ornament and the ones for the other babyloss moms has been a gift. Any time spent focusing on not hot-gluing my fingers instead of dreading Christmas and another BFN is a gift.

I hope you all are surviving Christmas and that someone in your lives remembered your baby with you.

(Please excuse my less than excellent photography, I just don't have the patience right now.)


Missy said...

Beautiful momma! So happy that someone took the time to remember Reid with you.

Violet1122 said...

I love that you had people in your life who knew exactly what kinds of things you wanted most at Christmas. The ornaments are lovely, and the flower arrangements - what a nice surprise!