Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Tomorrow is DH's birthday, the first birthday we have had to celebrate since Reid died. We are going to try to make it a nice day for him. I bought him a football related present that I hope he will like and I framed a bunch of pictures of D that we have taken in the last few weeks. I really wanted to sneak in one of Reid's U/S pics but I know that would just upset DH and it's his birthday, not mine. D and I baked muffins today so he could have a nice breakfast before he goes to work and we are going to make birthday brownies while DH is at work. I really hope it goes well as D's birthday is only 2 1/2 weeks away and she won't understand why mommy would be sad on her birthday.

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Sadkitty said...

Good luck! My son turned 5 a week after Juniper was born. I made sure that Other people took him to have fun. I totally ruined my husband's birthday this year, so much that he declared a "do-over" the next weekend. There are sometimes in our lives when trying to hold it together for others just ruins it for everyone. Take it easy on yourself mama.