Saturday, June 5, 2010

Running Away

I am fleeing the province for 2 weeks. D and I are heading out Monday morning and making the +800 km trip to my parents' farm. A whole day driving, alone with an almost 3 year old might make a normal person crazy, but since I may already be there, I am going to risk it. After 9 days, DH is flying to SK and then we will spend a few days with his family. Don't know what in the world we will do at his mom's place but it's only 2 or 3 days max. (DH parent's split up just after D was born so it makes for extra fun times when visiting the in-laws).

I can't wait to take D to the farm, but of course I keep thinking that I should be taking Reid for his first trip to the farm. This trip will also be my first chance to see my grandmother in almost a year and a half. Her first son (the baby before my mom) was stillborn more than 60 years ago, so I know she will have things to share with me that we have never talked about before. I haven't talked to her since Reid died since she is losing her hearing and I haven't felt like shouting my feelings into the phone while crying so I hope she isn't too upset at me either. ( is it weird that this image makes me giggle? more dead baby black humor I guess.)

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