Monday, May 3, 2010

Still 1 month

DH didn't realize that I needed to recognize today but I did manage to explain things to him without tearing his head off. (there was a lot of crying though) He now knows that I need to know that he thinks about how long it's been since Reid died and it won't make me more sad if he brings it up. (Really what is he going to say that is going to make me more sad?)

I was trying to pretend I was a functioning human being by buying cards for all the moms and grandmas today. (I had to do it today because all our families are back in SK and the cards had to be mailed.) There were cards for every maternal type person (moms, grandmas, great-grandmothers, aunts, 2nd moms, stepmoms) from every child type (daughter, son, kid, grandchild etc, then I saw " Mother from Baby " and almost trashed the whole card display. Later, once DH came home and I could have a big cry, I started thinking about what my "Mother from Baby" card would say:

Dear Mommy, sorry for dying and messing Mother's Day and all the other holidays for you and Daddy. Love, Reid

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Lareina said...

I'm sorry that dh didn't realize that he needed to recognize his 1 month angelversary. Mike wasn't very good at remembering either. On his 5 month angelversary, he was oblivious until I broke down when Marrah got undercooked sausage at Denny's. At least he knows now, how important it is to you.

And I'm sure Reid's card would also say "I love you lots and lots, Mommy and even if we aren't together, I am sending you tons of hugs and kisses."