Monday, November 4, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 44

Halloween with kids means lots of pictures and lots of happiness. Except when you say, "no more candy", then the happiness evapourates.

We did the fastest pumpkin carving we have ever done this year. We let D design the jack o' laterns and it went fast. Normally D.G. does a couple of elaborate designs that take 3 hours each to complete. C.S. wasn't interested in touching the gooey stuff at all. She stuck with colouring the newspaper we put down to contain the mess.

Here are the finished pumpkins with our lion. I was very happy that C.S. decided to like being a lion so that I didn't have to come up with a costume for her. She really got into roaring.

I am super proud of D's Winnie the Witch costume. All the clothes were upcycled from thrift shop purchases, except the cardigan which didn't have to be altered. The stripy leggings turned out perfectly. (Thank you crafty mommy blogger types!) The materials for the hat cost as much as the rest of the outfit combined, but it came out great and had a built-in wig. No the best picture of her, but it's the best picture for showing her whole costume.

I think the hat will get a lot of use in the future. The hat is almost as tall as our "Mini Winnie". She wore it to hand out candy with D.G. while I took D out trick or treating.

The last  bit of happiness is horribly cliched for a SAHM, but I bought a new vacuum this weekend and I love it!

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