Wednesday, October 16, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 40

I don't know exactly what happened during Week 40. C.S. was sick and had the yucky rivers of snot thing going on for 4 days. The only pictures I took all week were selfies for trying to determine what to wear for our annual family photo shoot and a few featuring a very naked C.S. that I don't want to share in order to save my future relationship with her. We did do the family photos, so there will be pictures from that eventually.

(Just remembered that trying to figure out what to wear for the pictures ate up most of that week. I hate trying to be my own stylist and should have turned it over my blog readers like Angela does.)

D.G. and I also celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary that week. We even went out for a proper date and had a lovely meal where no one threw food on the floor or needed us to cut their meat. 

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