Thursday, September 5, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 34

Okay, making progress now. Only 2 weeks behind, for now.

Most of Week 34 was spent with my parents. It started with a drive of roughly 850 km which took about 11 hours to complete (including a couple longer stops). There were some short rough patches but mostly we did great and surviving that trip was definitely something to be happy about.

I'm lucky that my parents make the trip to come see us a few times a year, but there are family members and friends who don't make it out our way, or don't travel at all in my grandma's case, that we have to go visit.

My grandma will turn 95 at the end of October so every chance we get to see her is special.(D tells me 95 is really close to 100, which worries me because by that logic, I'm really close to 40.)

Of course C.S. decided not to allow G.G. to hold her, but she liked G.G.'s cane just fine.

D got to see her second cousin's N and D. My D and N are both in 1st grade this year and became penpals earlier in the summer. (all credit to my cousin on that one) All the cousins had a blast together and my D and N could have played together for days.

We also got to meet Baby S. (The brace is for hip displasia and it's temporary.) Totally precious and she's a miracle baby after her parents spent close to 10 years ttc and fighting the "unexplained infertility" diagnosis. D is definitely getting into the "I love babies" phase.

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