Tuesday, April 23, 2013

52 Weeks: Week Sixteen

Hmm, somehow I am even more behind this week than last. However, my mom is here visiting this week so I may actually have time to do somethings I want to do vs. have to do. (I got to take a shower in the middle of the morning today!)

I have been very bad about taking pictures the last week. I blame the fact that D brought a flu home from school last week and kindly shared it with all of us. All the females in the house got over it in about 24 hours, but D.G. got man sick and was a mess for 4 days.

I baked some awesome cookies for a bake sale at D's school. I swear I took pictures but they don't exist on any of our cameras/phones. I will however share the recipe just in case you need a sugar fix.

Brownie Cookies!!!

Of course due the all the sickness, I was baking cookies the day before they had to be at school. I was worried about keeping C.S. away from the oven but somehow oven mitts became the most entertaining things in the world and all the cookies got baked.

Is it okay to be happy about laundry baskets? They are great for the intended purpose, but they are even better for building "baby jails".

I played in my first ball hockey game Friday night. We were short players and it was 10 pm at night but somehow we not only won, but also avoided any injuries. I thought I was going to throw up after the game and I was so hot that I could stand outside in the rain in shorts and tank top despite the fact that it was only about 4 degrees above freezing, but we won!

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