Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 Months Old

Look at all this cuteness...

C.S. is in the double digits. Quick post because we are on the road this weekend.

- Still at 7 teeth. Number 8 goes up and down and up and down and you an tell it bothers her, but it just won't break through.
- C.S. is very vocal these days. She makes all kinds of sounds, some that may sound like words, but I don't think she's actually saying Mom, when she says "m-m-m-m". She's probably trying for milk which is the best thing about Mom. 
- The next best thing about Mom is that she hands out the solid food too. C.S. loves stuffing her face, but loves fruit and meat best of all.
- She loves walking, but she can't actually walk so she expects us to hold her hands and walk around with her all day. This is not really feasible but luckily she will accept being worn on my back as a substitute some of the time.
- She is starting to dance. When you sing to her she, does this cute little head bob thing and grins. She is also starting to make sounds that seem to have a rhythm too so before too long we can take her one girl show on the road.

(Forgive any weird issues or typos, I'm at D.G.'s sister's house and trying to figure out how to use her Mac while C.S. refuses to nap in her prison, AKA the pack'n'play. )


Lisa said...

She is so cute. Love her little shirt!

Angela said...

She is adorable. Bennett loves to dance too. Maybe they can get together and have a dance party someday.