Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Capture Your Grief: Day 9

Special Place

This is the section of our garden than has been devoted to Reid. The two big trees are Tartarian Maples also known as Hot Wings because their seed pods are bright red. This year I added 2 gerbera's that are supposed to be perennials (but we will see). There are statues of three geese that were wedding gifts way back when and I have been looking for 2 more like then to complete the goose family. There are also some daffodils for Freddie that I saved when we replanted this bed last summer.

(Please ignore the weeds, I just couldn't keep up with them once C.S. started eating grass every time we tried to hang out outside. Also this picture was taken about 3 weeks ago. If you looked at it today, you would see snow, yes SNOW.)

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