Saturday, August 11, 2012

7 months old

 How cute is this kid?

Too bad the cuteness doesn't equal sleeping well. I can't add sleeping through the night to the list of milestones C.S. has reached at 7 months. I'd settle for 3 hours straight right now.

I can't add crawling to the list of milestones either, and that's a good thing. She can slide backwards and spin in circles but no forward movement. This means that I have so far been able to prevent her from eating any of D's dozens of my.lit.tle.po.ny's.

C.S. does love eating though. We are doing Baby-led solids (thanks to B for her FB posts) and wish we would have done it 4.5 years ago with D. It's so much fun to watch her gnawing on a big strip of steak or a big hunk of watermelon. Here are some more cute baby eating pictures for everyone to enjoy.

 Enjoying avocado ....

... and a serving of stroller harness for dessert.


Dana said...

She is so cute, I hope she sleeping though the night soon,

Jessica said...

hehe Logan already loves carseat harness gnawing ;)

Womb Raider said...

(hope this comment works because every time i try your blog eats them!)

i set up lou's traveling-squishy-play-gym-thing in our plant room this morning and was admiring evel-boy's tree. it made me think of reid. how is his jade doing? i secretly miss how we updated each other in plant pictures.

BUT, i'm even more thrilled to see pictures of this beautiful girl.

baby-led? i'm intrigued. tell me more?

Beth said...

aww glad you're doing blw! it's so much fun and less stressful IMO :)

julie, here's the fb group: and here's the website:

Basically, no mush. Give babies appropriately-shaped food when they are physiologically ready for it and let them feed themselves :) J's first meal was Christmas Dinner, no purees, just chunks of potato and meat and veg :)

missliany said...

She just gets cuter every month...but I am sure you already know that.

Big Love, Big Acceptance - or so I say said...

7 months is pretty stinkin' cute! Hope the sleep gets better soon! (We're still waiting around here, but pretty sure some night weaning is coming Allie's way soon!).

Love the pics. :)