Sunday, May 27, 2012

I hate blogging from my phone but it appears that I won't be blogging at all if I don't so here goes.

We had a pretty good trip last weekend. Got in all the promised visits including meeting 2 new baby girls born to 2 IRL BLMs I know. They were both on the same growth curve as C.S. so I didn't feel like the girl with the giant baby. I also got to spend time with my niece who calls me "na" and introduce C.S. to my brother, aunt and cousin.

We spent most of the weekend with my friend R and her family. Her little boy J turned 2 the day before we arrived. He is a sweet little man and he loves to hang out with daddies and do boy things like drive trucks and tractors. It was very bittersweet to see D.G. Interact with him and get a glimpse of what might have been for our family.

The biggest news in our house is that C.S. has learned how to nap in her crib. Well really we figured out that she still needs to be swaddled for sleep. She doesn't take long naps, 45 minutes to 1 hour max, but D was the same way. I should have a huge list of accomplishments from the nap times but there doesn't seem to be any increase in productivity around here. My personal hygiene may have improved though so I'll take that as a victory. The swaddling has also created the need for some summer weight swaddle blankets that don't cost a small fortune (like the popular ones from Aus) so I have a totally valid reason to spend some quality time at the fabric store this week.

And now the phone is dying so that's it for tonight. I still hope to write posts for Merry's rainbow series and Right Where I Am in the near future but we will see how long it takes to simultaneously have the time and inclination to post.


Emily said...

I wish I could sew. The Halo sleep sac that Kaia has slept in since coming home from the NICU is getting too small. And even though she's 10 months old, 8 months corrected she doesn't sleep very well unswaddled. Seriously I wish they had swaddle blankets for toddlers. If only I could MAKE one. I'm jealous of your abilities!

Merry said...

Can't wait to read both. Need to catch up but seem incapable of writing you the email I owe you!