Monday, March 26, 2012

Must try to remember...

... that only I will feel bad if I don't manage to make a perfect "birthday" for Reid. There will be cupcakes and family time and that is all we really need. 

... that people are clueless and really don't know that buying a baby toy for C.S. that is almost identical to the Winnie the Pooh toy D picked out for Reid (before we knew he was Reid) is a very bad idea. Also have to remember that this is a totally acceptable reason to exchange it but will have to try not to use "it looks just like my dead son's toy" as the reason for the exchange.

... that C.S. will not need to nurse non-stop from 5 pm until 10 pm forever. It just feels like it.

... that not getting things done right now is okay. It's not procrastination when you are putting things off because you are caring for your baby. (It seems that my ability to not only tolerate but actually embrace procrastination has shrunk along with the baby belly.)

... that spending 5 minutes colouring with D is not a waste of time that could be spent emptying the dishwasher or folding laundry (or blogging or emailing or sewing or baking or any of the other things I would like to have time more for.)

... that my wonderful on-line DBM friends understand why I am a crappy on-line friend right now and will not hold it against me. (Right?)


Jessica said...

you're not a crappy on-line friend! I certainly understand and I am SURE everyone else does too! <3 (((hugs)))

Angela said...

I second Jessica, you are not a crappy online friend!

Sounds like things are a little rough right now, hang in there mama!

Merry said...


Dana said...

You aren't a crappy online friend. Thinking of you more and more as Reid's birthday approaches.