Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garden progress

Here is the site of the future "Reid ----- Memorial Garden". The trees are Tartarian maples and will develop red seed pods this summer and of course the beautiful red leaves maples are known for in fall. The one lonely plant is a hosta that I saved from the mess this area was before the new tress were planted. There are also some daffodils that I tried to save, but I won't know if it worked until next spring so I might buy some bulbs just to make sure I have daffodils next spring.

These three will be moving to a corner of Reid's garden shortly. We received them almost 10 years ago as a wedding gift and while we were a family of three (who weren't missing any family members) they were just right. Now, they are a reminder of what we aren't. I have my mom on the look out for more of the little birds. I want one for Reid now and hopefully someday there will be a need to buy a third one.


LauraJane said...

Great space. I hope the daffodils come up for you in the spring- those things are so resilient, even with my black thumb they keep on living.

Hope there are more baby ducks in the future. :)

Big Love, Big Acceptance - or so I say said...

Beautiful garden! I look forward to watching it grow.

Amy von Oven said...

What a great idea...I love it!