Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yard Plans

We are lucky enough to have a pretty big backyard. There's a decent size garden (for a city), 2 huge flower beds and even a big planter that was formerly a pond, but we converted it to prevent D from using it as a swimming pool. There's also plenty of space of D to run around and enough grass for D.G. to obsess over and make green so he can feel manly.

Our backyard is looking very different right now. Mostly it looks really naked. (The fence painting on the weekend is next to unnoticeable since we kept the paint colour the same) We had 2 dying birch trees in our back yard. One of then has been cut down and the other should come out today along with the stumps. Last Sunday I went and spent a butt-load of money on 5 new trees and a couple new shrubs and having them professionally planted. I am a little scared by how much money I've spent. Not that we are broke, but more that I'm afraid something else catastrophic will happen and we will need the money for necessities not landscaping. The only thing that is letting me spend the money is that I'm planning to turn one of the areas where the new trees are being planted into the " Reid ----- Memorial Garden". The plaque might just be in my head, but that's what it will be. Hopefully the new trees will be planted in the next week and it will not look like a sadly neglected mess.


Missy said...

I was actually looking into having a tree planted in memoriam for Chai's first birthday, but they want $250 and that doesn't even guarantee the damn thing will live. It's highway robbery so I think we may just buy a tree and take it to the lake and plant it ourselves. What's one more tree? I love the idea of Reid's memorial garden. I hope you post pictures after everything is all planted. Love always~

elena said...

I think starting Reid's memorial garden is a great tribute. I can not wait to get our own home so that we can start a garden for Lilly. I look forward to seeing the progress of the garden. Thanks for posting!