Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring cleaning begins

D.G. and I started clearing stuff out of our basement this weekend. It is spring technically and I thought there was some magic way to rearrange the furniture that would give us more useful space. It turns out that we can only have a slightly less awkward arrangement at best but it's still an improvement. Our basement is currently filled with a mixture of furniture that has been deemed too ugly to be upstairs, various boxes of junk we have collected, all of D's toys that are too big, too noisy or too annoying to be in the living and all the baby things that I thought I would be able to get rid of by now. We decided to get rid of a few pieces of furniture (thank you Fre.scycle) and move some of the baby things into the closet of the "baby room" upstairs (really, there's no reason not to fill up the closet with the bassinet and car seat, not like we will be using any of it any time soon, if ever) and rearrange the rest. We still have to go through all the boxes of junk but we will see when that happens. For now I have a sewing area and D has a few more square feet of space to fill up with toys. Of course I again had to face the fact that it's been over a year and I still have no idea when or if I'll ever get to use all those baby things again. Sometimes, I just wonder if I should sell it all and then the spite gods would make sure I got pregnant because it would so damn inconvenient to have to collect it all again.

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