Thursday, October 7, 2010

Six months and 3 days later

I got a call from the lovely Dr. K yesterday. The autopsy report is finally done, a mere 6 months and 3 days after Reid died. So there is still no definitive reason for Reid's death, but there are some things she wants to rule out so I have an appointment with her tomorrow. D.G. declared that unless there is some reason they can give us for Reid's death talking about the autopsy is just a waste of time. This led to a less than pleasant argument in front of D which ended with a 3 year old telling us in no uncertain terms to stop arguing. (that was another dose of mommy guilt). The outcome is that he is not coming to the appointment because I am tired of making him do things just to support me. Expect there to be a very emotional post sometime tomorrow after the appointment.

And in case you are wondering a wedding anniversary, an autopsy report and ovulation are not a good combination.


Elaine said...

I'm so sorry, I wish they could give you a more definitive answer. Not knowing what happened or didn't happen is a really tough thing to deal with.

I've also had my daughter tell me to stop arguing or fighting with someone! She's just more patient than me.

Missy said...

Geez that seems like torture! Ours was finished in 3 weeks. Course it says something to the effect of "probable cord event." That's what the doc said. I haven't brought myself to request a copy yet. Hope the appointment eases your mind at least a little.

Denise said...

I am so sorry. It took us nearly 6 months to receive Matthew's autopsy report and unfortunately, there was no doctor's appointment with it. I had to pick up a copy, read and research it and found out just how much he may have been suffering before SIDS took him. I know that when I did go to our ped and asked questions my husband did not go. For men, it is just so different. They grieve in such a different way and their heartache is so different.

Lots of hugs.

Dana said...

Do you know what part of the autopsy they were waiting to get back? It seems crazy that it took 6 months. When we were waiting for the autopsy results on Jacob, my minister was upset that we were told it would take 6 weeks. Six months makes me nauseous.

I hope that you get some answers tomorrow. I hope that the appointment isn't really hard. I'm glad your doctor got you in tomorrow so that you don't have to wait even longer to discuss it.

Violet1122 said...

Oh no. I'm sorry you will be going to the appointment alone - but I can see your husband is hurting a lot too.

I hope you get some sort of reason tomorrow. I'm sure the not knowing part of everything must be so awful.

I will be thinking of you tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Oh Car- sometimes it just gets so ridiculous and hard. We did not do an autopsy for Cullen but we did have placental pathology performed. Which raised a few questions and answered almost none. It is frustrating.
I will be thinking of you tomorrow.
Grace- Leslie

B said...

i can understand why D.G. would think that, kind of, but when he knows it's important to you then i would have hoped he would be there to support you :( because i would want all the detail too, even if there wasn't a definitive answer.

i hope the appointment has gone ok.

and that does sound like a bad combination of events :(