Sunday, October 10, 2010


Just before of all the horrible and painful things that have happened this week something good did happen to me. Last Sunday, the 6 month anniversary, just as I was backing out of the garage to go to my support group meeting I looked out the rear view mirror and saw our doula standing in the drive way. She brought me flowers and lasagna and garlic bread. The food is in the freezer but will likely be supper on Tuesday. The flowers are still looking pretty good.

I have always loved gerbera daisies and now they are extra special because the birth flower for April is the daisy. In fact I have decided that I am going to get a tattoo for Reid and it's going to be a red gerbera daisy. And if I don't get knocked up in the next 2 cycles, it will be done on December 18th! I hate that I have to wait that long, but the artist is a mom with 3 kids and only works 2 days a week. I met her on Saturday and she was really understanding and never said anything like, "It was probably for the best" or "You can have another" or any of the other horrible baby loss cliches. All the artists in the shop are women so no one will be freaked out if I get all emotional and cry. I just have to decide where I want the tattoo and then count down the days. Now I have something to look forward to in December instead of just dreading Christmas. And despite the fact that I am well into my 30's, I really like the idea of freaking my parents out at Christmas with a tattoo.

(Right now I am debating between lower calf/ankle, inner arm or shoulder. Any advice would be welcome. I am a tattoo virgin so I am pretty much clueless.)


Glo said...

If u wouldn't mind I would love the name of the studio. I have been pondering getting Gavin's footprints done. I do have one tat already on my lower back left side. I like to describ the pain as an irritating painful. They say that places with less padding say for example feet are a bit more painful.

Violet1122 said...

I don't know anything about tattoos... but your idea of the gerbera daisy is awesome! I had to laugh when I read the part about freaking your parents out. I'd kinda like to freak my parents out, too.

It was sweet your doula surprised you with dinner and flowers.

Thinking of you often...

Merry said...

I kind of love the idea of inner arm, on the left, always next to your heart.

Anonymous said...

i second merry. inner arm would be perfect. easy to hide, but visible when you want it to be.

it's a real tender spot, but will be well worth it!

hope you'll get the opportunity to get it, but if not there is always next december ;)

missliany said...

I plan to get a purple butterfly for Chloe on my foot at some I can always look down and see it ad think of her.

car said...

For some reason, I keep thinking about my inner right arm (although I appreciate the idea of the left side being closest to the heart). When you finish engineering school in Canada, you take an oath and get a ring to wear on your "working hand" so that you remember your oath whenever you work. I think I want it on my right arm to symbolize that he will be a part of everything i do for the rest of my life.

B said...

i have a cool heart charm and want my husband to make a design out of it. he's been working on a design for our best friend for like 10 years though so i'm not holding my breath.

i hope you get knocked up soon, but i can't wait to see the tatt.

Anonymous said...

I have three. I had the butterfly on my back re-done on Monday- one month after Cullen's stillbirth. I added his name below it. i love it but I can't see it without a mirror- major drawback.
So I had a beautiful script letter 'c' also done on my inner left wrist.
It helps me breathe. All I have to do to see something tangible if turn my wrist and there it is.
If you want to see picture just click on this week's post on my blog- both are there.
I know you will love your daisy.

PS- DH was not thrilled about such a visible tattoo but I can honestly say that he was pleasantly surprised- and I think he actually likes it.